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    Angus Fire, The Professionals Choice

    Angus, Part of the Kidde Fire Fighting Organization, is a legend in fire fighting hose technology. Angus' commitment to firefighters is unparalleled. We have been at the forefront of every major advance in fire hose design and construction for over 200 years. From the earliest leather hose to Reflective High Combat, and Fire PowerTM II, our commitment to constant research and development has positioned us as the innovator in fire hose products. Angus, the preferred hose of choice for the majority of fire departments throughout the USA, its name has come to stand for high performance, durability, safety, and quality. Angus is a manufacturer of fire fighting hose, flexible pipeline, irrigation/sludge hose, fire fighting foam, hose connection hardware and fire fighting equipment.

    WEB: www.kidde-fire.com/utcfs/Templates/Pages/Template-50/0,8061,pageId%3D3404%26siteId%3D465,00.html